Mujeres Asesinas
Production Information
Created by: Marisa Grinstein
Production company: Pol-Ka
Filming location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
and various other regions in Argentina
  • various
    (over 100 different cast members)
Broadcast Information
Country of origin: Argentina
Premiere: July 19 2005
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 78

Mujeres Asesinas ("Killer Women") is an Argentine drama and suspense thriller TV series, inspired by the Argentine Book of Killer Women Marisa Grinstein, real case homicides perpetrated by women. , produced by Pol-ka Producciones and broadcast since July 19, 2005 on the Argentine TV channel Canal 13. It concluded with 4 Seasons and 78 Episodes, on March 25, 2008. It won the Martín Fierro Awards in 2005. Mujeres Asesinas included the participation of 157 national and international actors (Patricio Contreras, Ana María Orozco, Gabriela Toscano, China Zorrilla and Alejandro Urdapilleta) The format was sold to Colombia, Mexico and other Hispanic countries. It was one of the most watched series in Argentina, with high ratings.

Based on the chapters of homicides committed by women in Argentina mentioned in "Mujeres Asesinas" written by Marisa Gristein, is an adaptation of a television series that has been awarded, among others, the Golden Martin Fierro Award, the highest award granted by APTRA, the Association of Journalists of Television and Radio Argentina.

The show was recognized with 6 Martin Fierro Awards, including a Golden Martin Fierro in 2005. The address was given by Daniel Barone and Jorge Nisco.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 22 July 19 2005 December 13 2005
2 37 April 11 2006 December 19 2006
3 7 April 11 2007 July 2 2007
4 12 January 8 2008 March 25 2008

Versions of Mujeres AsesinasEdit

  • Mujeres Asesinas (Colombia)
  • Mujeres Asesinas (México)
  • Mujeres Asesinas (Ecuador)
  • Mujeres Asesinas (Italia)
  • Mujeres Asesinas (República Dominicana)
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