Season One
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Information
Premiere date: Unaired
(March 30 2014 - Online)
Viewers: N/A
Written by: Heather Zuhlke
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Daughter of the Alamo"
Next Episode: "Queen Bee"
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“Demons" is the seventh episode of Season One of ABC’s Killer Women. It is written by Heather Zuhlke and directed by Colin Bucksey. It is the seventh of the series overall, and did not air air, but was released online on March 30 2014.

Sypnosis[edit | edit source]

A paranoid schizophrenic escapes the psychiatric ward and is armed and dangerous. Molly must take an emotional and physical journey into the wilderness to track her down and bring her to justice.

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